Prof. Encarna Gomez Plaza will talk at Science & Wine 2019 congress

It is great pleasure to welcome Prof. Encarna Gomez Plaza from University of Murcia, Spain, who will present a talk concerning "Wine tartaric stabilization: what options are there for replacing the cold stabilization method".


Based on Prof. Encarna Gomez Plaza statement:

"The tartaric stabilization of wines before bottling to avoid the precipitation of tartaric acid salts is an important and common step during wine production and cold stabilization, an effective but costly process, has been commonly used in wineries for eliminating the excess of instable tartaric salts. Other techniques are now taken into consideration for replacing the use of low temperatures. Two of these techniques, ion exchange resins and electrodialysis, involve the reduction of the ions causing the presence of precipitated tartaric salts. Other techniques, such as the use of carboxymethylcellulose and potassium polyaspartate, are based in the formation of protective colloids or the inhibition of the crystallization of salts. The effect of these technologies applied in white and red wines as regards not only stabilization but also their effect on chromatic and sensory characteristics will be discussed."

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